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Third Review - Original Sin

September 29, 2014

For our third review, we asked Bryan Fitzmartin to review Original Sin Hard Cider.  "This cider is excellent," Bryan commented upon trying it.  "The fact that it's brewed with champagne yeast makes it a truly unique cider.  It's very excellent."  he explained. "People who love hard cider or beer in general should try it.  There's no two ways about it.  It has a very crisp flavor, that's indicative of the yeast it uses.  It's dryer than most ciders for sure, but not so dry that it lowers the quality in any way, besides," Bryan commented, "people like that."  We thank Bryan Fitzmartin for his review, and hope more people try Original Sin hard cider.  Cheers.

Review by Bryan Fitzmartin

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