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Review of Java Head Coffee Stout, by Bryan Fitzmartin

January 04, 2020

Java Head Stout is an amazing beer, it’s one of my absolute all time favorites. Who doesn’t like coffee? Who doesn’t like beer? But coffee and beer together in one offering? That’s just too good to pass up. Like almost all coffee beers (except “Dunkin” seasonal by Harpoon, which is a Porter), Java Head is a Stout, like Guinness (technically, it’s actually an Oatmeal Stout), and it’s a very strong entry into the coffee beer line, which is an excellent but somewhat of a “niche” market in the craft beer industry.

That being said, though Java Head Stout is amazing, and most people who try it will like it, specifically for its coffee robustness -- some will not like it. The reason that there will always be a group of people who will not is simple. Some people do not like the taste of Guinness, and both Guinness and Java Head are Stouts. By the same token, some people will find Java Head (even though it is a coffee beer and this very much comes out in the taste) a bit too heavy for them, but any serious beer enthusiast will appreciate what an impressive entry this is to the beer family, no question. Even though it may be a little too heavy for some, I recommend anyone try Java Head Stout.  Love coffee?  That's all you need.

Review by Bryan Fitzmartin

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