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"Remain in Light" from Cambridge Brewing Company -- a Review by Bryan Fitzmartin

February 21, 2020

This beer is a hybrid brew, and it’s an interesting one to be sure. As an example, when Starship IPA from New Belgium was reviewed earlier the amount of hops included in the beer was discussed, but that was an IPA, so the amount was quite high (as it usually is with that type of beer). This beer, called “Remain in Light” is not an IPA at all, but in fact it’s a Pilsner. However, the idea of this beer goes like this – Pilsners tend to be quite “light” in their flavor, but this Pilsner is designated by the brewer (Cambridge Brewing Co.) to be hop-infused. So, since that’s their claim, the question is (and it’s a very good question) -- does it meet that standard, the one the brewer set out? Or, you could even ask the question another way: does this beer combine the strong flavor of hops with the “lighter-side” of a Pilsner successfully? The answer, after sampling this beer, is yes. In fact it does, and perhaps owing to its name, it is able to combine the taste of both without sacrificing either, which is an interesting thing to do since obviously most Pilsners would not include hops, as those are the beers you tend to drink on your porch during the warm months of summer -- so for them, being “light” (or technically “on the lighter side” of the beer drinking spectrum) is important. This beer would be fantastic for anyone who likes both pilsners and IPAs (the latter being a style of beer that is also somewhat heavy) separately to try one that has the taste of both together. So anyone who wants to try Remain in Light by Cambridge Brewing Co. would be well advised to sample a very interesting beer.

Review by Bryan Fitzmartin
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