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New Belgium's "Starship IPA" -- a Review From Bryan Fitzmartin

February 19, 2020

Ever tried an IPA? You probably have, but if you have had a lot of them, you probably have noticed one thing about that style of beer – most IPAs seem to actually taste very similar to each other. It’s of course definitely true that there’s variation between them, but the reality is, one IPA tends to be generally not wildly different than the next one, even when different brewers make them. That’s not to say that IPAs as a category are not excellent on the whole, but that somewhat tends to be their nature. Enter Starship IPA – once you try it you’ll see this beer is different. IPAs are always very hoppy, that’s what gives them their flavor, and this beer certainly has that. But it also has a very excellent citrus flavor as well, something as something you might describe as (for lack of a better word) – “fruity” that stands up amongst the flavor of the hops, and that’s what makes it unique and sets it apart and makes it stand out. This entry from New Belgium is certainly a breath of fresh air among all of the standard IPAs, and one can immediately see that’s the case. That’s what makes this beer very highly recommended by us. Everyone who wants to try a unique IPA should give this beer a try.

Review by Bryan Fitzmartin

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