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From Bryan Fitzmartin, a Review of "Derailed Ale"

January 05, 2020

I am proud to offer this review, specifically because, for anyone familiar with Erie Brewing Company, this beer is an old standby. It is offered as a selection in their mix packs, it is also offered year round, and it stands very well alongside Erie Brewing Company’s other beer entries. There are in fact however, other entries from Erie that are a bit more exciting and dynamic that may get more attention, such as “Misery Bay IPA,” and “Skipper’s Coffee Stout,” but that doesn’t diminish that excellent, and very solid, cherry flavor of “Derailed Ale.” Derailed Ale is a “cherry cream” flavored selection, and it meets that standard, it’s cherry taste is discernible immediately upon sampling, and this adds to the “laid back” quality of this beer when drinking it. That makes it an immediate go-to if you’re looking for something mellow. This entry may also work well for folks who are not huge beer connoisseurs, since this is an easy selection for anyone to start with. So, all that said give “Derailed Ale” (Cherry Cream Ale) a try. If you’re looking for a beer that just has a great taste without any “bite” then this one would definitely be for you.

Review by Bryan Fitzmartin

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