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From Bryan Fitzmartin, a Review of Citizen Cider's "The Dirty Mayor"

February 21, 2020

This is a very different kind of beverage for the following reason: there are big differences between making hard cider and beer, and what sets one apart from the other can often be wildly different. An example of this is some ciders (such as Woodchuck) for some of their specialty releases try to infuse their product with nutmeg for extra flavor – it turns out that’s actually not a bad idea, as it creates a flavor that makes it different from their run of the mill products, making the new ones a bit of a novelty. The folks over at Citizen Cider had a slightly different idea, instead of infusing a cider with nutmeg, they instead infused it with ginger. The result is The Dirty Mayor, which is a very cool sounding name to be sure. Sadly however, we feel at this time this cider cannot be recommended by us. Don’t get us wrong however, it doesn’t have a terrible taste, indeed, there are certainly people out there who may like it. But infusing a cider with ginger like this though an interesting idea doesn’t create a flavor that we feel is worthy of high marks unfortunately after trying it. We applaud Citizen Cider for their attempt, but the flavor here is a little too “specific” to appeal on a large “mass-market” scale and get consumers very excited about it, that’s why we don’t openly recommend this product because we feel it tastes fine but it’s (quote) “not for everyone.” But hey, if someone if just dying to specifically try ginger infused hard cider then there’s nothing wrong with giving this particular one a shot. This product may appeal to a very small selection of cider drinkers, so if you fall in that category, then we would applaud you.

Review by Bryan Fitzmartin


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