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First Review - Brooklyn Blast!

May 30, 2014

For our first review, we had Bryan Fitzmartin sample "Brooklyn Blast!", clearly a select but perennial beer by the Brooklyn Brewery.  Bryan said he was very impressed with the beer in question.  That it was a "superior IPA," in that, "it doesn't matter how you sample this beer.  Obviously, we drank it cold, but an experienced IPA drinker with us picked up a warm bottle that didn't even have a chance to chill, and said it was still delicious; that second bottle he drank by accident, after he drank it cold.  Truly, this is an impressive beer, we all think so."  Bryan said that as an IPA, it is incredibly robust, and, "you can't go wrong with it, it leaves other IPAs in the dust at the end of the day, so it's truly an impressive brew.  Even just one bottle, as we sampled it, will leave you with an impression." He added, “if you drink IPA, it’s not to say you should drink this one all the time, but if you try it, I would be hard pressed to say anyone wouldn’t immediately identify it as a very impressive IPA, even if it’s not your absolute favorite, it may become your favorite.  I’m very impressed.”  We'd once again like to thank Bryan Fitzmartin for his insight, and we will ask him again soon to review another incredible brew for us.  Cheers!

Review by Bryan Fitzmartin

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