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Bryan Fitzmartin Reviews -- "Blood Red Sky," Innis and Gunn's Rum Barrel Red Beer

February 19, 2020

This beer is amazing (flat out amazing) and here’s why – many beers (and actually some ciders also) are aged in barrels of different kinds, be they rum barrels, whiskey barrels, or any variety as a form of novelty, but this is the only one reviewed so far that actually tastes amazing. What’s more, this beer is also incredible because it’s able to combine the taste of beer and and the taste of rum into one fantastic beverage, which is, as anyone knows who’s tried both rum and beer separately – no easy feat. Obviously (and this doesn’t long take for anyone to figure out) beer and rum have dramatically different flavors, and in fact different types of people are attracted to the two for different reasons. Nor is it completely obvious to try to age beer in rum barrels in the first place, even though many brewers do try to do exactly that with whiskey barrels. To that point, I actually also think that some people may have trouble believing, as to be honest this reviewer did, whether it is possible to successfully combine the taste of both beer and rum into one drink, but the folks at Innis and Gunn actually successfully did it, and it is very impressive. Strangely, the rum barrels also give this beer, “Blood Red Sky,” a somewhat “laid back” and sophisticated flavor, so if you like unique beers that are a true pleasure to drink, this selection would also be for you.

Review by Bryan Fitzmartin

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