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A Review of "Stone IPA," by Bryan Fitzmartin

January 05, 2020

Our next beer does not need an introduction – Stone IPA. Why doesn’t Stone IPA need an introduction? Well, basically, Stone’s beers are recognizable because of the company’s “iconic” artwork that it places all over it’s packaging. There’s a picture of their beer posted here and you can immediately see the Stone “gargoyle” on the side of the product. “Gargoyles” of course are traditionally supposed to ward off evil – Stone Brewing claims their gargoyle exists to ward off “cheap ingredients” (not joking; according to them, that’s really its purpose). In any case however, one can see why Stone’s products, and especially this one, which is basically its flagship beer, would be immediately recognizable. It’s because of the artwork on the product which always makes their beers look downright spooky before you drink them.

OK, so Stone’s beers are visually interesting, and that probably makes more people interested in buying them, but how does this particular Stone beer taste? As their flagship beer (and especially as an IPA), I would say – this one is pretty “straightforward” or “over the plate” in its approach. When you taste it, it’s immediately apparent that this IPA has everything it needs to get the job done – it’s heavy, it has plenty of hops and you can really taste them, it’s got a “strong,” great, taste which is what an IPA needs to succeed. But, on the other hand, there’s a problem. This is a really “solid” beer, and worth trying, but, there’s nothing really all that special about it. If one were looking for an IPA that really stood out from everything else, I would recommend Limbo IPA from Longtrail. That would be an IPA that stands way, way, out from the pack and distinguishes itself. What Stone has done is show they are capable of producing a very solid entry to the IPA market, one worth trying, but not anything incredibly special. So, since Stone IPA has a very solid taste, it’s worth trying, and there’s nothing necessarily about it that would steer one away from it. So give Stone a try if you like, and, of course, see if you’re freaked out by its large gargoyles on the bottles when you see them.

Review by Bryan Fitzmartin

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