September 29, 2014
For our third review, we asked Bryan Fitzmartin to review Original Sin Hard Cider.  "This cider is excellent," Bryan commented upon trying it.  "The fact that it's brewed with champagne yeast makes it a truly unique cider.  It's very excellent."  he explained. "People who love hard cider or beer in general should try it.  There's no two ways about it.  It has a very crisp flavor, that's indicative of the yeast it uses.  It's dryer than most ciders for sure, but not so dry that it lowers the quality in any way, besides," Bryan commented, "people like that."  We thank Bryan Fitzmartin for his review, and hope more people try Original Sin hard cider.  Cheers.
June 05, 2014
For our second brew, we asked Bryan Fitzmartin to review (and this name is somewhat of a mouthful) "Crispin Artisanal Reserve, Honey Crisp." Which is a cider pegged by Crispin cider as "Smooth and Crisp with Organic Honey."  This sounds like a serious, hardcore brew, from a special reserve, so we asked Bryan to take a look at this one and see what he thought, beer expert as he is.  Bryan had this to say: "this review requires some subtlety," he directly said, after finishing his glass and having some time to go over it.  "Think of it this way," he said, "this is a very decent cider, and nice to drink.  You could never claim it wasn't." He then went on, "and I would recommend this as a 'decent' cider that's 'nice to drink' for anyone.  But there's the problem." Bryan continued and said that though this was definitely a cider worth drinking, there was nothing special about it that rose to the level of "Artisan (or Artisanal as they call it) Reserve."  "While it is decent cider," he explained, “it doesn't meet the moniker of particularly special, just very solid.  Therefore, the name is misleading," he explained.  "There is nothing that makes it rise to that level of special reserve.  So while it is a 'decent,' and take note of the word, brew for anyone to drink, it is not so special that it rises high above other ciders as the name would imply. But definitely worth trying on a calm summer afternoon, but not to impress any beer geeks.  Try it for yourself though;” he explained “you can enjoy the smooth taste on a baseline level, but not any higher than that as the name implies."  Huh, that makes sense; we thank Bryan for clearing that one up for us regarding “Crispin Artisanal Reserve, Honey Crisp.” Bryan clearly knows his brews, and we're glad he could nail this one down for us, as he's clearly done for us once again.  Join us for our next brew where we show you all the best beers for the best summer!  Our thanks again to beermaster Bryan Fitzmartin!
May 30, 2014
For our first review, we had Bryan Fitzmartin sample "Brooklyn Blast!", clearly a select but perennial beer by the Brooklyn Brewery.  Bryan said he was very impressed with the beer in question.  That it was a "superior IPA," in that, "it doesn't matter how you sample this beer.  Obviously, we drank it cold, but an experienced IPA drinker with us picked up a warm bottle that didn't even have a chance to chill, and said it was still delicious; that second bottle he drank by accident, after he drank it cold.  Truly, this is an impressive beer, we all think so."  Bryan said that as an IPA, it is incredibly robust, and, "you can't go wrong with it, it leaves other IPAs in the dust at the end of the day, so it's truly an impressive brew.  Even just one bottle, as we sampled it, will leave you with an impression." He added, “if you drink IPA, it’s not to say you should drink this one all the time, but if you try it, I would be hard pressed to say anyone wouldn’t immediately identify it as a very impressive IPA, even if it’s not your absolute favorite, it may become your favorite.  I’m very impressed.”  We'd once again like to thank Bryan Fitzmartin for his insight, and we will ask him again soon to review another incredible brew for us.  Cheers!